Thursday, April 11, 2019

sun smart slide shows.

sun smart explanation

Sun smart!!!
When your in the sun to long you can get sunburned and really sick that’s why you put on sunblock SPF+ is one of the best sunblock because it helps your skin keep protected from the sun and from Melanoma.

What the sun can do to your skin?
 When you stay in the sun without sunblock on you will most likely get sunburned in between 10-20 minutes. When UVA and UVB go into your skin UVB goes a lot deeper into your skin giving you a highly chance of skin cancer.

What Melanoma is made up of?
Melanoma is made up of abnormal pigment cells Created by the sun. when you get to much sun you will start seeing little dots that will expand into big melanoma spots. Melanoma is mostly visible on the left arm or the drivers arm. To avoid skin cancer you should put on sunscreen SPF 50 to cover up the places you could get melanoma.

What is SPF?
Spf stands for sun protection factor. When you get SPF 15 sunscreen it only protects 93% of protection from uv rays leaving 7% un-protected. When you put SPF 50 on you get 97% protection against uv rays.

When your in the sun for to long i prefer you wear spf 50+ to avoid melanoma skin cancer.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

sweet sweet watermelon!

Sweet sweet watermelon!
“Mmmm” the sweet sweet smell of summer filled my nostrils. The look of the
red juicy flesh upset my stomach i really wanted to bite into the wonderful
watermelon. On the count of three we will take a bite “ 1,2,3”.

Crunch, slurpp. The delightful fruit smothered my taste-buds. The taste was like
summer but it was Winter. I could feel the juicy watermelon juice trickle down
my throat. In my mouth there was a sudden world war 3, all the pips in my
mouth where slamming into each other like someone had said something.
“ did,did,did.did” I spat them all out into the bin.

It was getting a bit squishy and it started to sound like “squish”  that was
the sound that I could hear when I crunched down on the oval fruit with my
teeth. i ate it down hoping I wouldn't start world 4. The watermelon was as
crunchy as a block of Chocolate. As I finished the fruit all I could see was
a yuck lime green rind. I thought to myself  is there anymore?

This is my writing about the water melon that we ate in week ten. i really like the way i added interesting words next time i would like to add  more  smiles. 

Monday, March 25, 2019

Sun Smart poster

This is my Sun Smart that i created using google drawings.
All the facts are new learning about the sun and Sun Smart.

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we are learning to critique other peoples learning.
this is what i went on.